A Reposado that Embodies the Spirit of Liberation®


Mixology wasn’t yet popular at the time, and he was tired of serving the same old sweet shots. So, he decided to experiment with a few ingredients from the kitchen. A combination of Tequila Reposado, Sriracha hot sauce, lime and an imaginative spice blend created what would become known among St Louis bartenders as… the Sandinista shot!

Bartenders would say, “It makes you feel like a Nicaraguan revolutionary!”, referring to the spirit of the 1930’s Nicaraguan uprising.  As Doug Morgan remembers, the Clash album, ‘Sandinista!’ was playing on repeat the night the drink was created. The legendary flavored tequila drink left its mark in the hearts and minds of local St. Louisans, and thus, the inspiration for Sandinista Tequila was born.

Our Founding Partners Include Some of the World’s Best Action Sports Athletes

Our Founding Partners

Our product branding is driven by the belief that action sports and action sports athletes are the catalyst behind the meteoric growth of many drink brands including Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster Energy. We believe Sandinista is the first liquor/spirit to unite the tribes of action sports, live music and street art.

We created a program that exchanges equity in our company for endorsement partnerships with many of the world’s top professional snowboarders, musicians, and artists. The accomplishments of our riders include multiple X Games medalists, US Open Championships, and the coveted Transworld Snowboarding Rider of the Year award. Our Riders have an ownership interest in the company and promote Sandinista with the goal of growing the brand.